Hardwood Species

Hard Maple

Hard Maple is typically off white or cream colored with very subtle wavy grain patterns. Hard Maple features extremely high shock resistance and durability making it a great choice for many types of heavy use furniture. Finer Desk sources sustainable, US harvested Hard Maple for its desktops.

Harvest Tree Age: 60 – 100 years 

Native Growing Region: New England, New York, Pennsylvania

White Oak

White Oak has a light brown color with a slight olive hue. Its light color, straight grain, and great ability to take stain allows Oak wood to express itself well in nearly any space. Finer Desk sources sustainable, US harvested White Oak for its desktops.

Harvest Tree Age: 80 – 120 years 

Native Growing Region: Eastern US

American Black Walnut

Black Walnut features a dark and warm complexion. It is a dense and wonderfully fine-grained hardwood with spectacular woodworking properties making it a top choice for artisans. Finer Desk sources sustainable, US harvested American Walnut for its desktops. 

Harvest Tree Age: 40 – 80 years 

Native Growing Region: Eastern to Midwestern US

Hardwood Species

Learn more about the Hardwood Species used by The Finer Co's makers. Walnut, Oak, and Maple have long been chosen hardwood options for furniture because of their excellent woodworking properties or sustainability. The Finer Co is committed to sourcing high quality and sustainably harvested wood for all of our products. We understand the importance of healthy national forests and we help plant 3 trees for every order we build.