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We make custom orders easy for you, and easy for your customers. Launch your custom product on The Finer Co's webstore.

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A Selling Solution Designed for Custom

Accurate 3D Visualizations

Beautiful products deserve beautiful visualizations. For each order placed, we work with the customer to build a 3D visualization of their exact custom order.

AR Ready

Bring your showroom into your customer’s home. Every 3D visualization we build is AR ready so that your customer can use their smartphone to view their order in their home.

Resource Free Design Process

A hands-free design process so you can focus on your craft. We design within your capabilities, to customers requirements, and continuously incorporate their feedback and design changes until they love their design. We handle this so you can spend your time doing what you love most.

Immediate Pricing

No more quoting for your custom orders. We build pricing for your products that allows your customers to immediately see and design within their budget.

Simple Order Fee Structure

No listing fees, and no separate transaction, payment processing, and advertising fees. Pay nothing if you do not receive any orders.

For sales generation and engineering design services associated with each custom order, which allow our artisans to focus on their craft, The Finer Co charges a 35% order fee.

Help When You Need It

Our complete team is available whenever you need us. As an artisan working with The Finer Co, you always have our complete support.


How do I get paid?

The Finer Co accepts payment from customers through credit, debit cards, Paypal, ShopPay, ApplePay, Google Pay, Venmo, and Coinbase Commerce. When a customer confirms their order’s design, The Finer Co will immediately begin payment to you. We can pay you through your preferred method.

How do fees work?

Joining and launching a product with The Finer Co is free. You will never pay out a fee unless a sale is realized. This means you choose how you want to price your custom product and you can guarantee an exact revenue from each sale. The fee from each sale is 35%.

What do I need to do to launch my product?

It’s easy to launch a product with The Finer Co. Contact us below to get started. The Finer Co will work with you to generate an accurate 3D model of your product, including physical dimensions, and textures.

What can I sell with The Finer Co?

The Finer Co is focused on creating a full custom marketplace. If your product offers multiple design variants such as by-the-inch sizing, or offers options such as accessory add-ons, then contact us to get started!

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If you're an Artisan, contact us about working together | The Finer Co. is the destination for custom fine furniture | We work with each customer to ensure their design meets their exact expectations | Our 3D rendering and AR capabilities help our customers see their design before building their order.