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Your space, your design, artisan made.

Your furniture should reflect your working style as well as your design choices. The Finer Co helps you design furniture to fit your lifestyle perfectly. We work with artisans across the USA to provide products with the greatest range of customizations available on the market.

To make the design process straightforward, we use 3D models for each order. Our models bring clarity and transparency to your design. When you place an order with The Finer Co, we build an initial rendering of your piece including your accessories, and we work with you to update your design until we achieve the exact layout you desire. You can view your exact model in your space using a phone or tablet and Augmented Reality.

When you confirm your design, we use your 3D model to create build instructions for our artisans. We can guarantee your order will arrive exactly as it was envisioned in your 3D model.

Order beautiful, high quality custom pieces confidently with The Finer Co.

Visit our webstore to order your custom piece or contact us if you have questions or wish to discuss your design in more detail.

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The Finer Co was founded to allow anyone that appreciates a quality work surface to design one exactly to their unique needs. Everyone’s work looks different, and no one desk can suit all workers. We love to help our customers build desks perfect for their work.