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How to Build Your Desk

1. Start with a Measure

Your space is unique. Find your desktop size that maximizes your office's potential.

2. Place Your Order

Choose your desk by leg style. Select your desktop size, wood type, and accessories you want on your desk. Place your order through our webstore.

3. Receive Your 3D Model

Our team will then prepare an initial 3D rendering of your exact order, including your selected accessories. Explore your 3D model and note each accessory's location. Each component can be moved wherever you'd like!

4. Redesign Your Model

Our team will listen to your feedback, such as where you would like each component, or if you decide to add or remove components. Then we will share a new updated 3D model of your exact desk.

5. Confirm Your Design and Begin Production

Use your mobile phone and AR to view your exact design in your space. If you love it, confirm your design and we will begin production. See our lead times within each product to understand when to expect shipment of your order. If you need to make more adjustments, just let us know!

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