Fun Plants for your Home Office

Each Spring brings flowers and cleaning. You've got the cleaning part under control, but this article shares some fun plants for your home office space.


Plants have countless benefits for our health. Plants filter the air, improve our mood, decrease anxiety, and balance humidity levels. So your space is probably full of them already, but if for some reason it is not, spring is a great time to get started and this article will help share some fun plants to explore.


Classic and Carefree Plants: Saguaro Cactus

The majestic saguaro cactus is one of the most recognizable of all cactus's species. They are so beautiful in nature but you can grow them inside too! Grown indoors you can’t expect any arms to form on your cactus however its stature will still bring you to the hot desert highlands of Arizona.


Tropical Vibe Plants: Bird of Paradise

Pop open a Topo Chico with this plant by your side and you're either at the beach or at your desk. Native to South Africa and naturalized in the tropics of North, Central and South America too, these plants add an exciting flair to any indoor space. Their big leaves split naturally to allow for better aerodynamics in windy climates. Bird of paradise do great in bright direct sunlight.


Holey Plants: Monsterra Deliciosa These technologically advanced tropical plants evolved to have holes through their leaves to allow heavy rain and wind to pass through without causing damage to the plant. They can thrive indoors in bright indirect conditions and are hardy enough to survive the occasional missed watering.


Do Not Eat Plants: Pothos Although toxic to humans and animals if ingested this plant is extremely easy to grow and is fun to watch as each leaf unfurls. If you want a plant that vines, this is a great option as it grows quickly. Pothos can be propagated very easily too!

Propagating Pothos from Cuttings


Nasa Approved Air Scrubber Plant: Philodendron Formaldehyde is found in particle board, some plywoods, and mortuaries. A Nasa conducted study from 1986 found that Philodendrons are among the most effective houseplant for reducing volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde. Still wondering what your first office plant should be?


Grow Your Own Plant: Avocado Tree You can grow an avocado tree from a store-bought avocado…sometimes. It is also extremely easy to set up and is a fun plant to share with friends! If you have a dog that sometimes steals your neighbor's pears, tomatoes, and strawberries, then protect your baby Avocado sapling because they might munch on it when you aren't looking. 

How to Grow an Avocado from Seed

Tall and Pointed Plants: Sansevieria or Snake Plant The snake plant is another plant that was studied by NASA to better understand its capability to filter volatile organic compounds and also does a wonderful job removing these compounds. It is a beautiful and tall growing plant that can add form factor variety to your plant collection. The snake plant is also very durable.


Scary Succulent: Aloe Vera

It resembles the tentacles of a giant squid popping out of the sea, but these tentacles aside from some pointy spikes are mostly soft and squishy. Aloe Vera are hardy and beautiful plants and are a great choice for increasing the variety of form factor of your office plants.


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